Monty-Front-Olice MoneyShop
Moneyshop-Full-Colour-2019 , our consumer facing brand

MoneyShop uses artificial intelligence to help match consumers to the best financial services products for them.

Some of the main features of are:


  1. No forms! MoneyShop makes your application as quick and easy as possible. All interactions are via Monty our moneybot chatbot.
  2. Free financial reports – MoneyShop wants consumers to make informed financial decisions. We enable consumers to make informed financial decisions by providing them with:
    • Free credit reports including our MoneyShop Credit Score which is an indicator of your likelihood of getting credit.
    • We also have other unique reports like an Insurance Savings Report or our Investment Reports.
  3. Matching scores – We use over 200 data points and custom machine learning models to predict the best financial products for you. This is communicated via our MoneyShop Matching Scores.  These work similarly to how Netflix matches movies to your profile.  The higher the score, the better the match.