Turning viable data into Quality Leads

Quality Leads

Turning viable data into Quality Leads

In the digital age, data is the lifeblood of almost every business. But having data from a variety of sources is not enough – in order to turn raw data into tangible success, it needs to be converted into valid quality leads that become paying customers.

Doing so may sound like a tall order, but with the right tools it’s very attainable, and as the pace of business rapidly speed-ups, it’s increasingly necessary. Most important: it can be done at a price that won’t have small and medium enterprises running for the hills, any more than it will have large enterprises combing through their budgets.

Olico is South Africa’s most entrenched lead generation company that delivers quality leads, excelling in the marketing of financial services. This is done by direct marketing (email and SMS campaigns), data sales and matching, as well as sales fulfilment channels to convert customers – at scale.

Benefits and bounty

A huge advantage of turning to next generation marketing tools, rather than print or television, is that it enables businesses to reach large volumes of consumers at any time of the day by SMS or email, at the volume they choose. Even more important: campaigns are entirely trackable in real time, enabling companies to know the return on their marketing efforts immediately.

As long as the sales are coming in at a marketing cost that is based on performance, the marketing department becomes a source of profit, rather than simply an overhead to the business.

This does however require a solid understanding of how raw data can be turned into quality customers.

From data to sales

Direct marketing campaigns must be targeted at the right demographics and in the financial services sector, this will be customers who can afford to pay a monthly premium or repay terms on a loan.

Simply pushing out masses of messages, whether via SMS or email, and hoping to strike enough responses to justify the expense of the campaign, is not just inefficient but also a waste of money. Instead, by knowing who one’s campaign is targeting down to a granular level, the result is more conversions and higher profits. For example, Olico processes over 100 000 loan applications a month, resulting in R30 million in consumer loans.

Dealing with data

One of the core features that Olico offers users is being able to import their own data from Excel spreadsheets, CSV, DMA and exclusion lists, using its Leadify marketing automation tool. Beyond the flexibility this provides, it enables data to be managed from within the platform itself. As companies find themselves dealing with growing masses of data (2.5 quintillion bytes are created per day, according to IBM), effective data management increasingly becomes a cost saving issue.

Therefore efforts must be made to ensure that the same SMS or email marketing message is not sent multiple times to the same recipient. This happens frequently due to human error, which wastes valuable marketing resources.

Provided that companies ensure they utilise next generation marketing tools optimally, the result can be data that is effectively leveraged, converted into paying customers and profits.

By using Olico, which has been involved in direct marketing since 2007, businesses can be assured of having real time delivery of quality leads, on time and every time, at the scale they need.

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